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I was never involved in N10m bribe – Osinbajo replies Bamaiyi

The Presidency has prevented the inclusion from securing the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo in a N10m fix as guaranteed by previous Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Ishaya Bamaiyi(rtd).

Bamaiyi, in his book, “The Vindication of A General” asserted that Osinbanjo was coordinated to convict him and others inside six months amid the time, he, Osinbajo was Lagos State Attorney-General.

The previous Army asserts that Osinbajo protected the then trial judge, Justice Ade Alabi, whom he blamed for requesting a N10 million fix from him.

Be that as it may, the Senior Special Assistant to the Vice-President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, portrayed Bamaiyi’s cases as unmitigated untruths.


In an announcement, Akande said Osinbajo was never called to Abuja or given any type of direction on the best way to determine the case.

As per Akande, ” My consideration has been attracted to claims made by General Bamaiyi in his book Vindication of a General, where he asserted that the then Attorney-General of Lagos State, Osinbajo, the trial judge, (in the criminal instance of his “inclusion” in the shooting of Alex Ibru) Justice Ade Alabi and the State Police Commissioner were called to Abuja and “coordinated to convict us no matter what inside six months.”

“That Justice Ade Alabi requested a N10m pay off through “one Mr. Martin” to encourage his safeguard application for the situation, and that the National Judicial Council board made to research the renumeration charge, secured the Judge.

“Particularly that Prof. Osinbajo “brought what he said was the board report amid one of the movements. Sadly, pages one through twenty-nine of the report were not produced.”While the Vice President, Osinbajo would find a way to address the detestable hints made by the resigned General, I have affirmed from him, i.e. Prof. Osinbajo, that he was never called to Abuja or whenever given any directions on the most proficient method to determine the case. This obtrusive lie emerged just from the fruitful creative energy of the creator.

“Similarly, the sneaky memories of the resigned General about Prof. Osinbajo carrying a board report with pages missing is as ridiculous as it is ambiguous. For example, is the creator saying the then Lagos State Attorney-General was in charge of the NJC board report? That would be amazing and plainly an underhanded recommendation.”

Akande expressed that Bamaiyi’s insight, Mike Okoy, who contended the safeguard application for the previous Army Chief had admitted in open court and in a few daily paper open notification as requested by Court that he lied against Justice Alabi.

“Okoye really needed to peruse his admission and statement of regret in the open court for a situation that included such unmistakable legal advisors like Chief F.R.A Williams, who specifically squeezed that Okoye be considered completely in charge of his wild allegations.

“It is staggering that after the greater part of this, the creator went ahead to delude general society. What impudence!” the administration expressed,” Akande included.

Perused Bamaiyi’s claim underneath…

His words: “We were in jail until we were indicted in Lagos on December 22, 1999 to face Justice Alabi, who was said to have been called to Abuja with the Attorney-General and Lagos State Commissioner for Justice, Prof. Osinbajo.

“They were said to have been coordinated to convict us no matter what inside six months. Obscure to our persecutors, we had a great deal of sensitivity inside the Presidency, the Police, and the DSS.

“Thusly, whatever guidelines were passed to them got to us inside a brief time. I connected for safeguard despite the fact that I knew it would not be conceded. After the contention by my guidance and the counter-contention by the state, drove by the A-G, the case was dismissed without a date for decision on my safeguard application.

“After some days, one Mr. Martins came to jail to visit Al Mustapha, who came and revealed to me that he had been sent by Justice Ade Alabi to talk about my safeguard issue. He revealed to me the judge was prepared to allow me safeguard in the event that I would give him N10 million.

“We talked about this with Al Mustapha and I communicated my feelings of dread in regards to Mr. Martin’s message. We told Mr. Martins to demonstrate that Justice Alabi had truly sent him.

“He cleared out, yet after around two weeks, he returned and revealed to us that when next we went to court, the trial judge would give us two months for the decision on the safeguard application. This would be his verification that the judge had sent him.

“He said the judge knew we were in jail and required time to get cash. At our next court appearance, the judge dismissed for two months. This demonstrated to us that Mr. Martins was real.

“I educated my guidance, Mr. Mike Okoye, who contended the safeguard application. He said we ought to think in regards to it and that he would attempt to discover the matter. We held up until I concluded that I would give no one any cash.

“One day in court, Al Mustapha got bolstered up and tested the judge. At the following court date, I approached the judge for consent to talk. He at first wavered yet altered his opinion. I trust he thought I would apologize for Al Mustapha’s activity amid the past hearing.

“I began by saying, ‘I have regard for the manage of law and the legal. I additionally have regard for this court.’ This made the judge unwind. I immediately included, ‘However a circumstance where the judge sends individuals to gather cash from charged people is unsuitable. You recognize what really matters to me.’

“The judge requested me to take a seat. I did in light of the fact that I had said what I had needed to state. A short time later, we requested of the National Judicial Council, NJC, against Justice Alabi. He needed to proceed with the argument against the guidance of legal counselors and a few judges. In the long run, he was compelled to give back the case record to the regulatory judge.

“The NJC then chose to explore our assertion. On March 25 to 27, at the Kirikiri Magistrate Court, the board, headed by a resigned Justice of the Supreme Court, began hearing our request. Obscure to us, the board had chosen to ensure Justice Alabi who was working for the legislature.

“The board was comprised of Justice B.O. Babalakin (Chairman); Amb. M.L. Sambo (part) and T.J. Onomigbo Okpoko, SAN (part). “Equity Ade Alabi acquired Chief Afe Babalola, SAN as lead advice and he accompanied Chief Ladi Williams, SAN, Prof. G.A Olawotin, SAN; Kola Awioderin, SAN, Ikenwa Okoli, Gboyega Oyewole, Adebayo Aderipekun. Equity Alabi was docked and analyzed by Chief Afe Babalola who drove him in proof. He was then interviewed by Y.C. Maikyau, Bala Ibn Na’Allah and Jingi.

“They prevailing with regards to preventing individuals from the press from covering theories procedures. Later we became acquainted with why the press was banned from the board. The board report was brimming with untruths. The board report expressed that Justice Alabi was not docked and was not interviewed by our direction. I just expectation Afe Babalola did not see that board report. These are clear lies, as Justice Alabi was docked and interviewed.

“Prof. Osinbajo brought what he said was the board report amid one of the movements. Shockingly, pages one through 29 of the report were not delivered. This was clear since we, the candidates, gave confirmation and Justice Alabi was analyzed and interviewed.

“I trust the missing pages contained our announcements and the examination and round of questioning of Justice Alabi by our direction. I trust these activities are reasonable on the grounds that Justice Ade Alabi was given a task to do unfairness and he must be secured by the individuals who had given him the task.

“We were disillusioned with the previous Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Babalakin, who slighted himself and let down all judges of the Supreme Court. Indeed, even in retirement, they ought to be good.

“I am anticipating the day we see the total report of the board and the announcements made by the individuals who gave prove. We likewise trust the examination of the demise of Mr. Martins under suspicious conditions will be made accessible one day.”

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